We digitize content using research, design and dev frameworks to create fresh and interactive experiences.



  • Discovery & Research
  • Concept / Creative Direction
  • Design / Interactive Design
  • Dev
  • UX/UI/IA
  • Media


  • Discovery & Research
  • LX Design
  • Digital Learning / Learning Products
  • Content Architecture
  • Marketing for Learning
  • Learning Systems


  • Smart Design Data Sets
  • Algorithmic Experiences
  • Conversational Interfaces



Digital Learning

Listen, sometimes digital learning gets a bad rap. Like, what is this old school, 90s-looking stuff???!! Well, there’ll be no “mom jeans” digital learning experiences for our clients and learners: only fresh design and digitization of content. We start with design frameworks and strong concepting to create smart, interactive designs that are bold, creative and on-point.




Discovery is Digital 55’s research-based approach to defining problems for organizations and validating solutions and recommendations by a set of criteria to determine needs, priorities and the path forward to improve the experience. Discovery incorporates user research, content architecture, design thinking, learning experience design, and web development approaches such as UX/UI principles that focus on defining, creating, prototyping and implementing human centered experiences. User research covers a wide range of methods. It incorporates qualitative and quantitative tools, and can mean anything from doing ethnographic interviews with primary and secondary users, field research, to digital activities, journalistic inquiry and mapping. 



Marketing for Learning

Marketing for Learning connects your customers with the information they need by using marketing techniques to create unique customer experiences and microlearning opportunities. Increase your customer's understanding of your products and services by building their knowledge and marketing your learning collateral. It's a win-win!




We believe that everything is a learning experience and our commitment to producing human-centered, value-based digital products is reflected in our extensive & diverse portfolio working alongside purpose-driven organizations engaged in incredible work. Thank you for collaborating with us!


Whether it’s through grant support, advisory & business services, or scale and growth capital, we would like to say a big thank you to the partnerships that have helped Digital 55 strategically and gracefully grow!


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