Rebels with a Cause

What we do

We produce knowledge-based media + digital learning experiences for socially relevant and provocative content aka Edutainment.

Who we are

Digital 55 is a team of award-winning designers, developers, researchers, and content producers working together to create offbeat + innovative digital interactive media and learning experiences. 

Our collaborators

We  work with various purpose focused organizations & companies on research, user experience, design, dev, content architecture, learning experience design and strategy, and digital interactive storytelling. What makes us most unique is our rebel spirit, rooted in interdisciplinary arts, such as music, film, design, learning and experiential builds.  We are pretty much obsessed with the intersection of creative and tech.

We recognize the power of design to shape and transform the world around us-- and it is our goal to purposefully harness that power to design for good. We believe that everything is a learning experience and we’re committed to producing human-centered, value-based digital media products, encouraging critical thinking on topics and stories that matter. This is reflected in our extensive & diverse portfolio working alongside multiple purpose-driven organizations, not-for-profits, and government agencies on issues as wide-reaching as:

  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • 21st Century Skills and Future of Work
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Human Rights & Intersectional Issues
  • Arts & Culture
  • Leadership Skills
  • Digital Skills
  • Sun Safety

The Team

LAURALEE SHEEHAN // Founder & Chief Creative Officer (CCO)

Lauralee is a design thinker, a digital addict, but above all an artist. With years of experience working in digital interactive media and LX, Lauralee is a trailblazer in the digital space, pushing forward how creative and tech intersect. She has led dynamic digital teams on various award-winning digital, media, learning and research based projects. Lauralee brings a fresh, authentic and innovative approach to the design, digital media, original content and LX space. 

Fun Fact - Indie Musician


KAILA SIMONEAU // Content Director, LX Design & Research

Kaila is a thinker, writer, and recovering academic, with an unending fascination for what is possible at the intersections of media, creativity, and technology. It is this fascination that led her to pursue her doctorate in Cultural Anthropology, where she has dedicated herself to the study of mass media and popular aesthetics, industry, politics, and social change. Today, she combines her expertise in these scholarly areas with 5+ years of teaching experience, and a knack of research, writing, and content in the creation of sound UX/LX solutions and experiential digital builds.

Fun Fact - International (film festival) spy


Victoria Gudgeon // Lead Designer + Developer, LX

Victoria runs all of the moving parts for the design and development for Learning Experience - interactive strategy and creation, inclusive design, UX and UI and design thinking

Fun Fact - Trained her cat to give high fives


Alex Poulos // Digital PM

Alex joins D55 as a Production Manager, after a lengthy career previously in the live event world. He's vulnerable to piercing and poison damage but so far has proven his resiliency in the face of complex schedules and long hours. 

Fun Fact - He’s 6’5 (if that matters)


COLIN SIMS-O'GRADY // Social Media Manager

A recent grad from Ryerson University's industry leading Media program, Colin has a wide-range of skills and experience in all things digital media & marketing. Starting his journey in film & television production, then migrating towards digital marketing and creative directing, Colin offers a unique perspective and skill set when it comes to produced content marketing and digital content creation.

Fun Fact - Once got a callback for Degrassi (didn't end up getting the role...)


HEATHER CRUICKSHANK // Writer, Researcher & Editor

Heather is a writer, editor, and researcher who has years of experience developing creative content — and studying how people use digital media and interactive technologies to connect, learn, and adapt to their changing worlds. Drawing on her background in social anthropology and ethnographic research methods, she uses mixed-method research and storytelling techniques to explore the intersections between individuals' personal experiences and wider social forces. Much of her work has focused on chronic illness and major life transitions.


AILA COMILANG // Technical Producer & AV Consultant

Aila is a certified Technical Producer with a demonstrated history of working in venue-based A/V in the public and private sector. Skilled in streaming media technologies, video production, live-event management and digital media.

Fun Fact - A bit of a golf nut


Sahlegebriel Gebreselassie // Jr. Producer and Researcher

Gabriel is a current student and has joined D55 for the summer, working closely with the content team on a number of exciting client and original projects.

Fun Fact - An aspiring professional athlete

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