Digital 55 is an agency of award-winning designers, developers and researchers creating digital interactive products and experiences. 

We  work with various not-for-profits, government agencies and companies on research, experience, design, dev, content architecture, learning strategy, and digital interactive storytelling. What makes us most unique is our rebel spirit rooted in interdisciplinary arts such as music, film, design and experiential builds. We like to keep it fierce and edgy, and are pretty much obsessed with the intersection of creative and tech.



LAURALEE SHEEHAN / Chief Creative Officer (CCO)

Lauralee is a design thinker, a digital addict, but above all an artist. 

With years of experience working in the creative and digital product development sector, she has lead dynamic design and dev teams on various award-winning digital and interactive projects. Her unique background, as a former band member of Lovely Killbots/owner of an indie record label, Lauralee brings the wow factor, always.







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