Rebels with a cause / Digital 55 is an agency of designers, developers, researchers and content producers developing modular digital interactive media experiences and digital learning with a focus on critical thinking and complex storytelling. We tackle “real-time” issues, such as effective leadership, anti-discrimination, 21st-century skills, the Future of Work, health and wellbeing, and so on. 

We bring cool, fresh, modern design to all our products and digital builds-- but what makes us most unique is our rebel spirit, rooted in our unique interdisciplinary backgrounds in the arts, film, music, social sciences, critical theory, and adult learning. Drawing on these diverse backgrounds, we are able to disrupt and intersect different thinking to design authentic and engaging content in the interactive digital space. 

Heading into the future, we are excited to look at not only our social impact work with clients in digital learning but also making waves with our new slate of original unscripted content that is an exciting dive into creating multi-channel platform experiences with huge future impact and change-making potential (Hello Stardom!). 

We're hiring for the following roles!


You are a media editor with a focus on real footage editing across usages from channel platform deployment to social media deployment. You know how to manage continuous footage and can support storytelling frameworks in collaboration with content producers. You have compositing skills to support visual storytelling.

You are able to run a media portfolio and keep track of multi-assets, deadlines and post-production lifecycles. You can also support and maintain client and collaborator communications throughout a project lifecycle. You love the art of storytelling and keep up with how video is being used in today’s world and across channels and platforms. You understand the interactive digital media world and the deadline driven environment (digital truly never stops!)

You are excited to work on projects and collaborations with social impact and that look closely at some of the issues in the world today and important evolving societal conversations.

If this sounds like you, please email resume to with subject line - D55_MediaEditor


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