Marketing for Learning

Marketing for Learning connects your customers with the information they need by using marketing techniques to create unique customer experiences and microlearning opportunities. Increase your customer's understanding of your products and services by building their knowledge and marketing your learning collateral. It's a win-win!

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Case Study

Why Marketing for Learning? Because it works! In a recent Marketing for Learning Campaign, we were able to pull CRAZY stats for a client such as traffic to their site increasing by 1000% while the time users spent on the site (on the appropriate sections no less) more than doubled. The stats don't lie!

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Over 1,300,000 
Participants Reached

Over 975,333 
Companies Reached

Over 144,415 
Video Views


Let's Do This!

Already have marketing content? Flip it into a learning opportunity for your clients. Explore how Digital 55’s Marketing for Learning Campaigns can increase your content engagement and grow your business. #getit

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