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Check out our January moodboard 

It’s the first month of a new year—and a new decade. At the start of a new year, many of us are setting goals and resolutions, forecasting the year ahead, and trying new things. We are huge believers in taking risks, innovating, and trying something we’ve never done before.

For us, newness comes to life with colour and bold expression. 

That’s why, for the month of January, we thought it would be fun to share a moodboard representing what’s inspiring us. In this board, you’ll find, bright colours, bold typography, and retro styles mixed with  futuristic design. 

Check out the moodboard below and read on for more details on the inspiration:

The colours and different uses of blue in this palette reminds us of the sky and the ocean. We love connecting design to elements of a real world experience: no matter where you live in the world, we are all looking up at the same sky. 

Many of the pieces in this moodboard are inspired by dadaism, an avant-garde movement that started around the first World War. Dadaist artists rejected capitalism, violence, and war and expressed their feelings through art. Dada art is characterized by new media, collage, and the manipulation of the image of a found object — all with subtle, humourous undertones. 

We love to mix retro with future. In our moodboard, you’ll see the car piece, which is a real image, stylized to be mixed with a graphic — a fun way to play with design. 

We’ve also incorporated some travel elements which reminds us of retro travel magazines, or old travel posters. We love the minimalist look of old-school travel or movie posters and the incorporation of a pop culture design. Plus, these clippings offer a wanderlust vibe that has us dreaming of la dolce vita!

The “Kodak” clipping is significant to us because of how recognizable a small image can be, without even saying what it is. Again, the mix of analogue and digital inspires us, and what better example of a “no-brand” brand than an old Kodak logo?

Another element of design that is inspiring us this year is the inclusion of all persons. 

We hope to express that through the use of graphic and colour: playing with pinks and purples, or more traditionally feminine design elements, in a typically masculine space to allow for an inclusive digital experience. 

At Digital 55, we always work to innovate in the type of digital experience we create, but also in the way that people interact with a digital experience. We often deal with intense, heavy subject matter, and then use design to bring some levity to challenging topics, in a bold and engaging manner. 

What is inspiring you this year? 

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