1. CREATIVE_Experience Design in Digital Learning

    01 Jul 2017
    AS PUBLISHED ON LEARNOGRAPHY BLOG - January 26, 2017 “Learning by experience” is all the rage these days. The concept has blown up–and for good reason. When people connect learning to the actual doing or experiencing of that learning, it leads to a deeper comprehension and connection to the subject…

  2. TECH_Women in elearning white paper

    01 Jul 2017
    AS PUBLISHED IN THE ELEARNING GUILD - January 25, 2017 As we begin 2017, what do you view as the most critical issues impacting gender in the eLearning field?  I still think the wage gap is a huge issue for women in the eLearning field. As with many tech roles,…

  3. CREATIVE_Design Thinking in Digital Learning

    01 Jul 2017
    AS PUBLISHED ON LEARNOGRAPHY BLOG - November 4, 2016 The Who I recently joined Learnography as Design Manager. I have to say, I couldn’t be happier to be working with such an interesting and innovative team. My creative and digital media background has been a bit “outside the box” and…

  4. TECH_Women in eLearning: A Brave New Digital World

    19 Apr 2016
    AS PUBLISHED IN LEARNING SOLUTIONS MAGAZINE - August 20, 2015 What defines a woman in tech?  You might think that this question brings us back to basics in an insignificant way, but it needs asking. The obvious and most succinct answer would be that a woman in tech is any…

  5. CREATIVE_Gone Girl

    19 Apr 2016
    I’ve just come off a complete Gone Girl binge. First I saw the movie because I am a huge fan of David Fincher. After seeing the movie and being completely enthralled with the story, I ran over to the bookstore and picked up the book IMMEDIATELY. I could NOT put…

  6. CREATIVE_Posters and the Minimalist Movement

    14 Mar 2016
    Posters are cool Posters have always been cool. From the dawn of time, posters have been cool. From hanging them on your bedroom wall as a teen to continuing your romance with posters well into your adult life and instead of hanging them on your bedroom wall with tape (hello,…

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